Waste Management Policy

This Waste Management Policy forms part of the Centre’s sustainability framework and underpins the
Health and Safety Policy. This policy aims to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our waste,
to reduce landfill waste and to ensure disposal of waste materials in an environmentally responsible

We recognise that we need to reduce the unnecessary use of raw materials and will enable
waste recycling, composting and energy recovery to assist in reducing landfill waste. The Centre is
committed to the implementation of an effective waste management programme that meets or exceeds
all legislative and regulatory requirements placed upon it.

The aims of this policy include:
 Reducing the amount of waste produced through purchasing policy awareness, operational
activity and by raising awareness amongst care-givers, parents/guardians and the learners.
 Re-using or donating to others by considering these options before items are discarded.
 Recycling by sorting into waste categories and finding re-cycling markets for removal.
 Risk Consideration by constantly considering ‘end of life’ disposal (costs and environmental
impact) when making purchasing decisions. Complying with regulations, legislation and
applying best practice in order to minimise the risks of immediate and future pollution or harm
to health and the environment.

Waste should be prevented or minimised wherever possible and must be stored, carried, processed or
disposed of in accordance with the Centre’s principles and aims. Waste must be stored in compliant
and suitable containers and locations pending their disposal. Waste containers must be securely sealed
to prevent accidental spillage or leakage. Segregation of waste should take place to prevent mixing of
incompatible materials and to allow for recycling. Waste and recycling materials must be removed from
the premises only by persons or service providers that are authorised to do so.

Regular inspections and audits will be carried out by safety representatives and external auditors in
compliance with ISO 14001. Reports on findings from inspections and audits will guide us towards
implementing effective procedures for dealing with waste to ensure legal and regulatory compliance
and continually improve our environmental impact and performance. This policy will be reviewed
periodically (a minimum of every two years) in respect of changing regulations, legislation and new
opportunities which present themselves to the school.

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Melvin Hoods
Chief Executive Officer

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