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Eersterust Care and Training Centre

Eersterust Care & Training Centre in 2020 celebrated 40 years of serving the mentally and physically disabled in the previously disadvantaged communities to the east of Tshwane.

The well-equipped centre facilitates disabled children, youth and adults empowering them to function maximally at the protective day care centre. Intervention programmes are managed to develop cognitive, motor communication and psycho-social levels encouraging the disabled to function as independent as possible in society.

The centre was built by the community consisting of an administration block, eight large fully equipped classrooms, kitchen, recreational and dining hall, security/care-takers accommodation, storage and secure lock up garages. A new therapy centre, sponsored by NLDTF was built in 2004 to be used by speech, physio, occupational and music therapists. The Therapy Unit was fully equipped by donors.

The centre is managed by a Board of Twelve Trustees (BBBEE compliant), represented by parents and the community. The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting through nominations and voting rights. Messrs PriceWaterhouse Coopers audit statements that are published in the Annual Report which is circulated to government departments, including the NPO & SARS directorates, local businesses and community representation.

The Association incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act, 1973, is registered as a Non Profit Organisation and is exempted from Taxes and Duties in terms of section 18A with SARS.


1. To improve and develop our mentally and physically challenged children to their full potential in the community through intervention programmes. A full stimulation programme will be implemented to develop their cognitive, motor and communication skills.
2. To give support to parents through counseling services and to improve their home programmes and other centre activities.
3. To train staff through in-service training programmes and to improve their renumeration.
4. To build a good working relationship between management, staff, parents and children.
5. To raise the necessary funds to sustain the ongoing programmes.
6. To work on awareness programmes in the community.

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